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Worrying About Retirement Shouldn’t Pull Focus From What Really Matters

Your Patients. Your Practice. Your Family. And You.

As a medical professional, you already face long hours, limited resources and a demanding workload. Your time away from the office should be spent relaxing and rejuvenating - not struggling to understand your retirement needs.

We're Glide Financial Group. 

A financial planning firm focused on helping doctors, physicians and medical professionals prepare for and enjoy the retirement lifestyle they deserve.

You’ve sacrificed a lot to find success in your field. But when it comes to your wealth, financial freedom is something you shouldn’t be willing to give up. We want you to keep working because you love what you do, not because you have to. And when you’re ready to retire, we’ll face your transition into retirement together. 

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Client Experience Midvale, UT Glide Financial

Your Patients Expect The Best From You.

You Can Expect The Same From Us.

Because in our eyes, health and wealth go together in determining your quality of life. And just as you prescribe proper treatment based on the needs of each patient, we offer individualized solutions to our clients as well.  

Learn About What Sets Us Apart


No one understands confidentiality more than you do. And we know that working with a financial advisor means sharing personal, and often sensitive, information. That’s why every relationship we build must begin with a foundation of trust. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in discussing your financial concerns with us, just as we trust you to be open and honest with our team.


With years of schooling behind you, we know we don’t need to preach the importance of commitment to you. But we want to make it clear that as we work together, our firm is fully committed to helping you find financial freedom in retirement. We’re here today, tomorrow and a decade down the line to offer help with whatever it is you need.


We believe that handing over a holistic financial plan should only be the beginning of our time together. We like to stay on top of your financial picture by offering ongoing reviews, regular evaluations and full disclosure about any changes on our end.


Everyone has different dreams, values and goals as they near retirement. That’s why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to assessing your finances. Instead, we approach your financial plan based on your unique financial standings and needs.

How’s Your Financial Well-Being?

Let’s Find Out

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Serving Your Financial Needs

So You Can Get Back To Serving Others

We’ll Examine Your Financial Picture From Head To Toe

When a patient comes to you for their yearly check-up, you’re thorough and comprehensive in your examination. In doing so, you can be sure everything is in proper working order. At Glide, we think in the same way. That’s why we believe in taking a holistic approach in addressing your financial concerns.

Our Services Include

Financial Planning Midvale, UT Glide Financial Financial Planning

Whether you’ve worked with previous professionals to develop a financial plan or you’re looking to build your first one, we can help. We work with other financial professionals including estate attorneys, CPAs, insurance specialists and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals to create a holistic plan based on your current needs and future goals for retirement.

Insurance Midvale, UT Glide Financial Insurance

In the medical field, there’s nothing better than having confidence. Together we’ll analyze your current professional and personal coverage options to help you and your practice prepare for the “what if’s.” We’ll discuss any gaps in your coverage and offer our advice on how to fill them.

Investment Management Midvale, UT Glide Financial Investment Management

We’ll discuss the investment options that may be best for you based on your risk tolerance and personal goals as you head toward retirement. With a special focus on risk management, your advisor will work closely with you to analyze your current portfolio and suggest better solutions to benefit your income needs during retirement.

 Retirement Income Planning Midvale, UT Glide Financial Retirement Income Planning

Everyone asks the same question nearing retirement - “Will I have enough?” We’ll help you understand your retirement income options early to help maximize your earnings later on. Together we’ll work to help you maintain the quality of life you’ve envisioned, without sacrificing the lifestyle you enjoy today.

Tax Strategies Midvale, UT Glide Financial Tax Strategies

We work with CPAs to help you establish lawful tax minimization strategies. We understand the temptation to put off thinking about your taxes until April. But incorporating and considering tax minimization strategies throughout the rest of the year should be an integral part of your overall financial plan.

Business Transition Midvale, UT Glide Financial Business Transition

You’ve spent decades building your medical career from the ground up. And as you head toward retirement, we want to help you preserve your practice and your legacy. Transitioning into retirement, we’ll be there to help you understand the options you have as you leave your practice in a new set of hands.

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In Search of a Second Opinion?

We understand that you may not be interested in developing a full financial plan. But that doesn’t mean we can’t offer some friendly advice when you need it. Whether you’re second-guessing your coverage options or questioning your asset allocation strategies, we offer a second opinion service just for you.

We Can Help By

  • Analyzing Your Insurance Coverage
  • Answering Any Questions You May Have
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness Of Your Financial Plan
  • Assessing Your Risk Management Strategies

Could Your Finances Use a Fresh Set Of Eyes?

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Our Wealth Management Consultative Process

Your Time Is Precious.

That’s why we’ve broken down the when and how of our financial planning process, so you always know what to expect and when.

Wealth Management Consultative Process Midvale, UT Glide Financial

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