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Life After Medicine

There tends to be a large amount of uncertainty among workers when it comes to retirement. After working with a few uneasy retirees, these are a few tips that we have come up with to help with the transition: 

  1. One of the best things that you can do for yourself is ensure that you have a purpose after retirement. Make a plan for how you will fill your time during retirement. This way you are retiring from one thing, to start something else.
  1. Have hobbies, travel or projects lined up to help build excitement about retirement. Keep family and friends close and use this extra time to cultivate new relationships. 
  1. If possible, make your transition into retirement gradual. Quitting work cold turkey can be a big jump for some. Try working only part-time or a couple of days a week in the beginning.
  1. Don’t let your own health suffer. Stay active and give your own body priority. Staying healthy will make all the difference in enjoying retirement. 
  1. Those that enjoy their retirement the most, are those that are most prepared. Make a plan with your financial advisor and your spouse. Get together and go over your finances. Learn about how to best prioritize your spending, and maintain the lifestyle you enjoy. 

Retirement is a time to look forward to, and to enjoy. Be prepared for this phase of life. Contact us today to get your retirement on track.